Branding Design | Product Design | Package Design | Website Design

Zeropes was made for professional athlete socks. From the material to the final product, the team studies, compares and tests out the products with different fibres to find the golden combination.

Branding Design

The branding strategy for digital and physical products is different. For this project the logo will noy only be printed on the package but also knitted into the socks. To achieve the best result, we decided to minimize the logo design. Matching the color on the product and package was also a huge challenge for us because the color changed based on different materials. We worked closely with the factory through Pantone color book and kept testing until we got the best result.

Website Design

The challenge of this project was to help users find the product they need in the most efficient way. To achieve this goal, we did user research and decided to categorize product pages based on different purposes. Zeropes provided many different colors for each socks so my other challenge was to design an easy flow for users to find the color they want, but meanwhile showed them the variety color choices.