Branding Design | UI/UX Design | Mobile App Design

FashionStash is a simple way to buy and sell second-hand clothing, accessories, and more. This was the first app I worked on from scratch. After conducting market research, we decided to target young female demographics who are both passionate about fast fashion but also don't like wasting.

Branding Design

The keyword for this app was fast and fashion. I explored multiple possibilities for the logo and decided to combine the concept of a timer (fast) + button (fashion). We choose black and white to represent the classic fashion and the simplicity of our brand.

UI/UX Design

Our goal was to help users buy/sell the products. Everyone can sell and buy products on the app so I designed flows for both sellers and buyers. Check out process was another design challenge we met. We need to consider every kind of situation such as generating the mailing label, tracking package, cancel the purchase, etc.