DealsPlus Coupons
& Deals App

UI/UX Design | Mobile App Design

DealsPlus is a free website that helps users to find the best coupons and deals. It has 3.5MM monthly visits and 2.33MM of them were visiting from mobile; therefore, the team decided to make Dealsplus Coupons & Deals App for better user experience.

UI/UX Design

The first challenge we met was the login process. For the best user experience, every user needs to register and verify their email. This added extra steps in the flow which increased the complexity. To solve this problem, I worked closely with engineers. We shared our knowledge and helped each other to develop and design the sign up flow.

Mobile App Design

This app launched for both iOS and Android; therefore, some interface will need to be modified for the best experience. For example the back button was designed on every android machine while the iOS have the back button designed on the top menu. Designing this app with minimum change on different platforms was my biggest challenge.